Tapping into China’s Entrepreneurship

The China Chopsticks Business Group is organising its annual dinner and networking cocktail on Wednesday 7 February 2018 at 18:00 at the Alvisse Parc Hotel (120 Route d’Echternach, L-1453 Luxembourg-Dommeldange).

The event will feature a speech from guest Rupert Hoogewerf, Chairman and chief researcher of the Hurun Report, entitled “Tapping into China’s Entrepreneurship”. He will highlight the trends behind the growing presence of Chinese businessmen in Europe. Rupert Hoogewerf, a Luxembourg-born British national, has been in China for twenty years witnessing the growth of China’s middle classes and the boom in entrepreneurship.

The past decade in China has seen the biggest wealth explosion in the history of the world and with the new road map to 2050 now set out by President Xi as well as policies like the Belt and Road in place, it is time to think about how to tap into this boom of entrepreneurship. Which sectors should one concentrate on? China is beginning to export capital and ideas too, so what are the key issues to consider if looking to attract this?


18:00 Registration & Networking

19:00 Cocktail

19:30 Dinner

22:30 End

Cost: €50 payable on arrival in cash (including cocktail, starter, main course, drinks and coffee). To reserve your place (by 5 Feb) tel: 460025 or email: [email protected]

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