We help our Corporate clients structure their investments, private equity and holdings through the set-up, management, domiciliation and accounting services for entities, SPVs and other solutions. We also support in security issuance in Luxembourg and perform due diligence on potential M&As.

Brexit support
Our office was the first international / British firm of Chartered Accountants to set up in Luxembourg in 1970 to introduce British businesses into Europe. This was the time Britain was thinking of joining the European Economic Union (EEC). In the meantime many well qualified accounting firms have set up in Luxembourg due to the country’s strong banking financing centre.

We feel that we are especially well placed to introduce British Companies into the EU through Luxembourg , whether they be commercial, finance, banking, insurance, re-insurance and, factories for those British who wish to be established on the continent and who wish to continue having a strong presence in the EU after Brexit.

Luxembourg has many languages including English. This is very important as a practical sales location in the heart of Europe, not too far from London with many daily flights from City airport, Gatwick, Luton, and Heathrow.